Friday, August 15, 2014

What is freedom?

Today is our Independence day
Are we free as we say ?
Can we walk united as one
To build our nation?
Are we free to fly
Like birds flock
in undivided sky ?
Do we understand eachother
And stand together?
Can we free ourselves from an unwelcome thought?
Do we care  to think whether
our actions are liked or not?
We must be like a river
Which freely runs
Bends and turns
Without coming in the way of another
Are we free to  fight for our right?
Like a flower on a windy night!
Yes we can truly be free
If we jointly agree
Like a swarm of bees
Make sweet honey
We too can make free  India lovely!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

In God's Keep

I envy you
For only a few
Can  sleep in God's keep
You won't hear me weep
And you won't feel the pain
Of not seeing me again
You are free
From earthly suffering
I am mustering
All my strenght
To numb my brain
Till my tears drain
Yet memories shall remain
In small strains!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I feel like a Zombie
Somebody has robbed me
Of any feeling
My heart is bleeding
Every day I am waking
When I should be sleeping
With my darling
In his grave
I should have been wide awake
When he was dying
Lying by his side till the day's break
I should have been there to save him
And kiss him goodnight till the lights go dim
He must have been in pain
 His eyes must have been searching for me
And I was still sleeping
When he took his last breath
He killed me in death
Cursed that my heart is still beating
No amount of rain or flood
Can wash away the blood
Running through my vein
My mind is insane
I wish to die
Yet my body resists to lie
I am a dead person living
In a world I don't belong
Life has no meaning
As  I hobble along
In its daily song
But I hear no melody
I hurt nobody though my hands are bloody
I am  waitiing for a cry or touch
I love so much
Memories haunt
Like a hellbent hound
I hear its taunt
Rebound and resound
In my dead ears
But  I have no fears
To live life reverse
For better or worse
I am nobody
Just a Zombie

Monday, April 7, 2014

I wish

You lie asleep unaware of the world you have left
So sound asleep that you forgot who has wept for you Phoophoo
I wish you
were in my place instead and I in your bed of earth
 that when you cry for all you are worth,
 I wont budge no matter how you urge that you never get to see me again
 no matter how you weep in pain,
 never you will be able to feel me
  I will be free you see,
 from the world of sufferings
for I have wings to fly heaven wards
not homewards
but I still miss you Phoophoo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Colors change
With varying emotional range
When you blush
A sheepish pink
You fail to blink
You fear and wonder
Whether to turn black as thunder
Or go white with fright
Or stay peaceful calm
And save from harm
Whether you choose to be craven yellow,
Sunny warm or sallow
You feel the blood rush
Through the vein
With the passionate flush
Of fiery red flame
Turn purple with pain
Or have the scarlet taint
When you get the blame
You choose your paint
Either grow mean with envy
To vent your spleen
Like the poison ivy
Or grow romantic green!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Child what’s on your mind?

You are one of a kind!

Little things make you glow with pride

When left to chance

You would only sing and dance!

Won’t you like to go on a mountain hike?

Or race on a bike

For an adventurous ride?

Seek and hide,

Or hunt for treasure

At your own pleasure?

Having a mud bath in rain

Doesn’t give you any pain!

You don’t bother what friends you gather

Have them from anywhere rather!

You don’t resent their past or present

Their color or valor!

You only can make light of a fierce fight

Your soul is a pure white feather

Fear not when you wander!

The wind is your teacher

You are watched by starry eyed ancestors in the sky

And guided by the fatherly sunlight and motherly moonlight

So frolic in the secret garden

Of a faraway land

Build castles in the wet sand

Wait for them to harden

Base your dreams on a solid ground!

Life is like a merry go round

You slip and fall

Only to rise and swing above all

With bold wings of desire

You will reach all things you aspire!