Saturday, September 10, 2016

Momentary Happiness

Why doesnt the sunshine
All the time?
Why does it have to set?
Why does the day end
And night descends?
Time flies in seconds
As a day ends
And night descends
The smile fades away
As soon as it spreads
Swept by waves
Of myriad  emotions
Through out the day
Even  the sun melts away
Giving way for night
The wind blows  out the  light
And the rains spray
As time ticks away
The dew drops dry
As flowers bloom and wither
As light flickers
There is change in every thing
Birds keep flapping their  wings
Fish keep flapping their fins
Nothing is stationary
Happiness is momentary
As all things cease to be

The Revenant

Like a reverie
You are there I know
in my thought
 From my very first memory
 When I was brought
 into this world
 I was your little girl
 Can't imagine that time can eliminate
your very existence
 which I thought was permanent
 Only your belongings are reminiscience
Of a past  which was relevant

I refuse to believe
 That I have lost you
 Deep down inside I know that someday
 I will find you
And ask you how could you stop worrying about me?
Why didn't you try to reconnect with me?
Father  I am aghast!
 I found you at last!
 I wonder what would be your response?
What would you say?
Would you stay ?
Would you hug and forgive me if  I am wrong ?
 I better be strong
And hold you forever long as long as it may be!

My tears come pouring
As the river runs dry
and vaporize
 and cloud my eyes
 And I begin to cry
And crackle aloud
churned by the  winds of emotion
Like a vicious cycle!
 Looks like you are touring
But soon you would  come full circle!
 Come back to me by some miracle! 

Monday, May 9, 2016


The more I think of you
A silver lining in the blue
A hope that victory is near
When you strive to survive
There is nothing to fear
In the battle of life!
Your intense gaze
The grimace on your  face
Straight roman nose ,
Taut skin, high cheekbone
And determined jaws
Can break nature's laws!
Your backbone
Can kill foes!
You are hope's beacon
A gallant warrior,
Valor your armor!
Your mind your weapon
As lethal as knife or gun
Bow and arrow
With bare hands
So many battles won
In distant lands!
There is no glory in sorrow
Your body's sculpture glistens with sweat
And  bloody wounds  rupture
pushing you forward,
Vanquishing every threat
Victory your sweetest reward!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Birthday Brother

Today was the most anticipated day
For those who brought you up today
The mother who bore the sweet pain and brought you up today
The father who held u in his hands with his thumbs up
Becoz today is the day you were born
They are proud the way you were brought up
And I will blow the bugle horn
To look back to this day
And wish you many more happy returns of the day
For I can never repay you for all the things you have done as a brother
That l hav to look no further
But ask you for any favour
Here's wishing you happy birthday your loving sister

Friday, October 16, 2015

Endless Wait

People believe so many things

They find many answers to a simple query

What happens afterlife

Some say the soul is always alive...

And has wings
 to come by

I don’t have to grieve

'Coz  I believe

Life is an endless highway

You had set out for such a long tour

And somewhere along the line

You had to detour
Or wander faraway

The traces of your footsteps are gone

But not on the sands of time
imprints can't be withdrawn

You have lost touch with me and humanity

May be you had a loss of memory

I need to find you some how

May be you don’t miss me now

But some day

You will be home bound

Or maybe you are waiting to be found

I don’t know how?

But this is my stand

You must be somewhere

In the middle of nowhere

In a place like never land

In deep forest shores and desert sands

Waiting to track your steps back

And land on familiar grounds

Sights and sounds

And here I stand

Waiting to hold your hands!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Miss You Too Much

Miss you too much

How can you be

So out of touch

With only memories to cherish

How could you just vanish

Into thin air?

Your soul will never perish

It isn’t fair!

Won’t you watch over me

And hold my hand as I stand?

Though you are in a distant land may be

There are no walls

Or boundaries around

You are on a long tour I feel

May be in a distant beach

Out of reach

I can’t hear the sound of your voice

That has power to heal

 No phone calls are aloud

I have no other choice

But wait till you come by

Though I can’t see you pass by

I know you are not far

May be up in the cloud

In a star

May be in the moon

Or in the portrait

But have faith

That I would see you very soon!