Sunday, December 31, 2017


Dear god
help us trod to the sunlit path
of  peace and bliss
let us feel  the warm sun within
in our dark and dismal life
where times are always strife
so please god please
release us from this abyss
 guide us with your light
save us from this plight!
we have been meandering in this endless labrynth  of despair
 we have been waiting for  a breath of fresh air
perhaps a sigh of relief
from this grief
there has only been a down hill spiral for all of us
toiling like sysiphus
 rolling  the heavy stone
what can be done to atone for our sins?
there has been no light at the end of the tunnel
our tears and sweat run pell mell
flooding the gates of hell
the  grey skies never light our eyes with sunshine
so please god please
release us from this abyss
 guide us with your light
save us from this plight!

Monday, May 15, 2017


The longing look in your eye's brook
makes me feel worthwhile
 you make me smile.
with your crazy antics
 you pant as if
 you have traveled the world round
 in leaps and bounds
to have me found
 with you around
I am on safe and sound
I feel I can go an extra mile
 for your cause
 you make me pause ...
 for a little while
 you take off my mind
from  life's daily grind
from endless chores
and give you all the attention
 you can change the wind's course
and blow out the tension
when you come to me to cuddle
 your soothing caress and soft embrace
makes me forget trouble
you are magical
just a wet lick can do the trick
when you lovingly whine
 and rub your nose against mine
clothe me like a cloak
with your shiny white coat
you make me feel sunny warm
 our bodies become one
 like the moon eclipses the sun either way we cant be torn
we shield one another from harm
 such is your charm!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Life

The summer of my life
Heat singes under my skin
Like the edge of a knife
The insatiable thirst turns worst
Endless days and seamless night
Times are always strife
Unable to find meaning of my life
I always feel like
Turning back to spring
The younger days of my life
When I had everything
I was groomed with
Tiny spells of rain showers
I was in full bloom
with little or no concern
The path laden with a soft carpet of flowers
Has gone too soon!
But there’s nothing but autumn
And the winters inevitable doom
A patch of darkness cloud my eye
When my hair will begin to grey
As the sky
My skin will wither
Like the petals and leaves
I stand listless like the leafless trees
Waiting to be free!
And when I have reached my prime
It will begin to snow
And I shall cease to be
In the snowy blanket of time
But life will continue to grow
Like a green carpet above me
What have I to learn?
What I yearn?

I do not know? Do you?

Friday, April 28, 2017


Summer makes me weary and tired
the fire of desire scorching blond
melting the summit's ice
 streaming river mirroring the cloudless skies
 running through a delicate nose bridged
 between the dark pond like eyes
drying up the thirsty well
 open for a drop of water
 matted deep red lips in the summer!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame
Sparks fly Not to die
Only to ignite again
The glowing blaze
 Flares in passionate craze
 Grows more intense
With desire
The candle blows out again
Not the essence
 Feel the incense
 The eternal flame rises again
 In a new vessel. of
Another name..
So light a spark in the dark
not a lamp lit with ire
When the times are dire
So light the pyre
No one is to blame
 Forget the pain
 Feel the warmth of the fire!

The glow of  her spark
 twists turns and wriggles out of dark
How gracefully she slides wounds round and glides
 Like a ballet slow Down the mountains bellow
She blows up a volcano
 She prances on her toes
 In the blazing fire tapping to a beat of flamenco
With leaps and bounds
She flings herself off the ground
In her wild dance Blowing to ashes
 Whatever she touches
Sometimes she settles by the campfire
Simply to rest her dancing feet.
 When the breeze is sound
she calms down
But sparks of desire turn up the heat
And rekindles her fire!.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lost labour

I  wanted to be free
So I sowed the seed of desire
It grew to a lovely tree
Sunned with fire
And watered with dew
green it grew
With flowers of snow
Till god cut down the tree with fervour
Before I could bear thee
Fruit of my labour!


I should nurture and nurse
That is what I have heard
All I feel is cold
So I am told
I melt the ice with tears
But soon freezez
With my cold breath
Untill life ceases
My wrath of death
Is the want of blood
 let it rain and flood
I am frozen
I am broken
Its a world of lies
Dont be surprised
Before I gorge out your eyes
And your  veins are dry