Friday, April 28, 2017


Summer makes me weary and tired
the fire of desire scorching blond
melting the summit's ice
 streaming river mirroring the cloudless skies
 running through a delicate nose bridged
 between the dark pond like eyes
drying up the thirsty well
 open for a drop of water
 matted deep red lips in the summer!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame
Sparks fly Not to die
Only to ignite again
The glowing blaze
 Flares in passionate craze
 Grows more intense
With desire
The candle blows out again
Not the essence
 Feel the incense
 The eternal flame rises again
 In a new vessel. of
Another name..
So light a spark in the dark
not a lamp lit with ire
When the times are dire
So light the pyre
No one is to blame
 Forget the pain
 Feel the warmth of the fire!

The glow of  her spark
 twists turns and wriggles out of dark
How gracefully she slides wounds round and glides
 Like a ballet slow Down the mountains bellow
She blows up a volcano
 She prances on her toes
 In the blazing fire tapping to a beat of flamenco
With leaps and bounds
She flings herself off the ground
In her wild dance Blowing to ashes
 Whatever she touches
Sometimes she settles by the campfire
Simply to rest her dancing feet.
 When the breeze is sound
she calms down
But sparks of desire turn up the heat
And rekindles her fire!.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lost labour

I  wanted to be free
So I sowed the seed of desire
It grew to a lovely tree
Sunned with fire
And watered with dew
green it grew
With flowers of snow
Till god cut down the tree with fervour
Before I could bear thee
Fruit of my labour!


I should nurture and nurse
That is what I have heard
All I feel is cold
So I am told
I melt the ice with tears
But soon freezez
With my cold breath
Untill life ceases
My wrath of death
Is the want of blood
 let it rain and flood
I am frozen
I am broken
Its a world of lies
Dont be surprised
Before I gorge out your eyes
And your  veins are dry


It is snowing
Your touch so cold
The wind is howling
your eyes twinkle
As snow sprinkles
Above your droopy ears
and black nose
curiosity  arosed
You bobb your tail
as snow appears
You let out a joyful welp
O wonderful hail!

Monday, December 26, 2016


Is it really worth
 Watching you fill up the earth
With white flakes?
Making ice skate
Through frozen lakes
Shaping mountains into castles
So that the wind may croon a beautiful tune
For feathers of snow to glow
 Like dancing flames on the candles
Across the hall on trees so tall!
I don’t know
Why I feel so lonely
Seeing a sight so lovely?
Bound by the allure of the snow
I feel like a fish in the frozen lake
Waiting for the ice to break!
Yet my eyes can’t help building castles in the ice!

O Moon

You always make me smile
You shine so bright
In the cold dark night
I don’t want to loose your sight
Even for a little while
The warm white and yellow guiding light
Seems to follow me wherever I go like a spotlight
You are someone I know
Who watched me grow
As you reached your apex
and wane out when the day breaks
And even now I look up to you anew
To find the person I once knew!